Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kentucky Falls

Kentucky Falls is a great day hike, but a bit of a driving adventure to find. The trail head is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Eugene, Oregon. Check out oregonwild.org or planeteugene.com for driving directions. 

Map from Planet Eugene http://www.planeteugene.com/kentuckyfalls.htm

Once you get there though, you will feel like you have stumbled upon an amazing hidden treasure and it will be worth it. I like coming here in the spring when rhododendrons and dogwoods are in bloom along the trail. The lighting for photography is best at Upper Kentucky Falls in the afternoon when the sun peaks through the top of the falls. I have not found the best lighting for Lower Kentucky Falls. The sun shines directly on the Lower Falls in the afternoon, and I have not yet arrived earlier in the day to photograph at that time. I have gotten lucky and photographed the Lower Falls on a hazy overcast day. Remember your tripod and shoot with a long shutter speed to get that silky smooth effect from the flowing water.

Upper Kentucky Falls.

One of two waterfalls at the Lower Kentucky Falls viewing area.
This waterfall does not always have water in it and usually flows in winter.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Backyard Chickens

I recently acquired three chickens that live in our backyard.  We converted my son's playhouse into a chicken coop.  I was introduced to the idea when a friend brought over a carton of fresh eggs that tasted so amazing, like a completely different food than the store bought version.  When I first approached my husband with the idea it went like this;

Lisa:  "I think it would be fun to raise a few chickens and have fresh eggs."
Husband:  "Who is going to feed them?"
Lisa:  "I will."
Husband: "Who is going to build them a coop?"
Lisa: "I will help"
Husband: "Who is going to get them water?"
Lisa: "I will."
Husband: "Who is going to clean out the coop?"
Lisa: Silence, followed by the sound of footsteps stomping off.

Needless to say we now have chickens. They are Ameraucana's and they lay bluish eggs and sometimes speckled. They also have greenish grey feet.  I am not sure if they are pure Ameraucana's, I bought them from a lady off of craigslist. I will save that story for another day. My husband points out that each egg costs around $8.50 in supplies, food and labor. Of course it goes down with every tasty one he eats.

12 Things I now know about chickens:
1.  Chickens fly, really. 
2.  Chickens pant when they are hot. They tolerate the cold much better than the heat. 
3.  Chickens are easy to train to eat out of your hand and will follow you...resist the urge.
4. Chickens will come in the house if you leave the back door open, see number 3.
5.  Chicken will not eat the nightcrawler worms used for fishing. 
6.  Chickens love mealworms dried or the live kind for fishing and can be used to train them...resist the urge.
7.  Dogs and chickens can co-exist in the same backyard.
8.  Chickens make alot of noise.
9.  When the sun comes up, chickens will beg to be let out of the coop, see number 8.
10. Chickens do not like to be picked up or petted. They are not pets.
11. Chickens dig up your backyard.   
12. Chickens poop everywhere.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baseball, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, its all the same to me.

I have to admit I am not a sports fan. I don't watch sports on TV and don't attend sporting events unless there is plenty of beer and hot dogs. But, I would watch my son play just about anything. If there was a Jump Rope competition I would be there cheering him on. Spring is baseball season at our house. I do admit that once the competition is on I can be heard yelling from the sidelines. For the last couple years I have taken pictures for the team. I had to learn what makes a good baseball shot. After trial and error I realized its all about the action. I love capturing the bat on the ball or that great catch. One difficulty I have; Watching the game and forgetting to capture it.

The intimidation, the windup, the pitch.....STRIKE!
Sliding into second.....Safe!
Hey Batter, Swing and a Hit and its Gone!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Camping at Alder Dune, Florence, Oregon

Over Memorial Day weekend we snuck away to Alder Dune, Campground on the Oregon coast.  Alder Dune is a hop, skip and a jump from Eugene, only a little over an hour.  It has a fun, small, fresh water lake stocked with rainbow trout that are easy to catch.  There is a great hiking trail to the sand dunes right from the campground. It is a little too far to walk to the ocean from the campground, but just a short drive and you are on the beach. This time of year the campground is still very quiet due to the possibility of rain.  And yes it did rain, well it poured, but not before we were able to have some great fun. 

1. Fallen rhododendron flowers lining the trail. 2. Paddling on Alder Dune Lake. 3. The lush forest changes to sandy dunes along the trail. 4. Hiking trail begins in the Alder Dune campground. 5. Blooming, pink, rhododendron flowers.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It is so difficult to get started doing anything. That empty, white, blank page staring back at me. I am excited to be taking the plunge into the blogosphere.