Friday, May 31, 2013

Camping at Alder Dune, Florence, Oregon

Over Memorial Day weekend we snuck away to Alder Dune, Campground on the Oregon coast.  Alder Dune is a hop, skip and a jump from Eugene, only a little over an hour.  It has a fun, small, fresh water lake stocked with rainbow trout that are easy to catch.  There is a great hiking trail to the sand dunes right from the campground. It is a little too far to walk to the ocean from the campground, but just a short drive and you are on the beach. This time of year the campground is still very quiet due to the possibility of rain.  And yes it did rain, well it poured, but not before we were able to have some great fun. 

1. Fallen rhododendron flowers lining the trail. 2. Paddling on Alder Dune Lake. 3. The lush forest changes to sandy dunes along the trail. 4. Hiking trail begins in the Alder Dune campground. 5. Blooming, pink, rhododendron flowers.

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Anonymous said...

Alder Dune looks like a great place to camp and hike. Nice Pics too.